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Maastricht University

Visiting Maastricht

Discover the city

Maastricht is one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands and has several places of interest to explore. A stroll through the town will give visitors a glimpse of the historic churches, city walls and quaint town squares. Explore the many interesting things Maastricht has to offer.

Rent a bike

Aon De Stasie (Wyck District, next to the Central Trainstation)
Stationsplein 26, Maastricht
Monday - Friday: 05h15 - 01h15
Saturday: 06h00 - 01h15
Sunday: 07h15 - 01h15

Courtens Bike Sports (City Centre, next to the Vrijthof Square)
Calvariestraat 16, Maastricht
Tel.: +31(0)43-3213820
Sunday - Monday: 10h00 - noon
Tuesday - Friday: 09h00- 18h00
Saturday: 09h00- 16h00

Prices: starting at € 8.50 per day and a valid passport or ID is required.

Places of interest

Fort St Pieter
Fort St. Pieter is perched above the Meuse River on the south side of the city and is directly connected with the caves of St. Pietersberg Hill via underground tunnels. Fort St. Pieter offers an interesting look into the history of Maastricht’s fortifications. Please note Fort St. Pieter can only be visited with an official guide. Reservations can be made at the tourist information office in Maastricht and tours run for about an hour.

Saint Pietersberg Hill
The Northern Caves of Saint Pietersberg Hill, also known as Grotten Noord Sint Pietersberg, is an excellent place to explore while in Maastricht. These historic caves were created over centuries by labourers and mineworkers and were even a place of refuge from battles during WWII. Visitors can observe century old writings on the wall, paintings and relics that belonged to the workers and refugees.

Basilica of St. Servatius
The Basilica of Saint Servatius is a historical Roman Catholic Church dedicated to Saint Servatius, an Armenian missionary who died and was buried in Maastricht in 384. Pilgrims have traveled to Maastricht to visit the tomb of Saint Servatius for centuries and today visitors can observe many ancient crypts and treasures on display in this Romanesque basilica. Basilica of St. Servatius is located next to the church of Saint John near Maastricht’s main square, Vrijthof. For more information and bookings on sightseeing in Maastricht, visit http://www.vvvmaastricht.nl/nl/home.html.